April 26, 2020 2:31 pm

From the Desk of Fr. Peter: (message 1of 2)

Easter blessings to you all my dear parishioners and good people of God.

Today the third Sunday of Easter, I call on us to renew our hope and trust in the Lord while we await His mercy as we experience this pandemic. May we not give in to defeat as we know God abides in us and with us always. Sometimes it seems natural for some people to surrender to defeat in the face of difficulties and challenges just like the two disciples running to Emmaus as Luke’s gospel 24: 13-35 related today. The events of the suffering, crucifixion and death of Jesus was so devastating and painful that they had to leave Jerusalem to escape from such pain and disappointment. Much so according to the gospel, they were HOPING that Jesus would be the one to REDEEM Israel. In this time of pandemic and other frustrating and disappointing situations, we see ourselves expressing such: I had hoped that my family would have stayed together, I had hoped to keep this job or relationship longer, I had hope my children would have loved each other more…..!
As the two disciples left for Emmaus, Jesus met them on the way and patiently listened to their pains and frustrations which were very true. But in that pain and disappointment, they missed one very fact: that God was there all through the life, suffering and death of Jesus. Our Lord explained to them the pattern of God’s activity: that the Christ should suffer in order to enter into his glory (Lk. 24:26). They missed the fact of the constant presence of God that directed the life of Jesus and our lives. Missing this awareness they felt alone and abandoned as we do in the face of difficulties and pain. So they decided to leave Jerusalem as we oftentimes do to leave God, perhaps to find a new beginning.
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