May 3, 2020 2:15 pm

From the desk of Fr. Peter: (Message 1of 2)
Good morning my dear parishioners and Happy Good Shepherds Sunday. I am confident that you all are doing better as we together fight this war. Keep hope up and eyes fixed on God through prayers while we wait for His complete healing of the world of this virus.
Today the fourth Sunday of Easter, the church celebrates the Good Shepherd Sunday, reminding us of Christ’s care for us and his complete protection over us. It feels good and brings hope that Christ our Shepherd laid down his life that we might have life more abundantly. Thinking of protection, I felt completely secured in the presence and company of my parents growing up because they were the shepherd I knew as an infant and in my early years. I felt completely secured no matter what the danger might be because I believe they were stronger than anything I could imagine. Just think about how you always run to your parents as a child feeling secured in their arms. Like the sheep in the watchful care of the shepherd, we know that we are not alone, Christ cares for us in the daily circumstances of our lives especially this time of uncertainty and fear, the shepherd is with us. He knows the toll that pain and grief can take on us. In this Easter season may we be reminded he laid down his life for us so we can have life more abundantly. (see message 2 of 2)