May 17, 2020 2:23 pm

From the desk of Fr. Peter… (Message 2 of 2)
As Christians and Catholics, Christ is given us these his last words as he did to the apostles. Those meant a lot to the apostles, little wonder they all died the martyrs death and we celebrate their martyrdom from time to time. They kept his words because they loved him and died for him. As the apostles did, we are also called to do and be assured He is with you always even at the most dark moment of your life. He promised he will not leave us orphans. This dark moment of our lives as we experience this pandemic, Christ is with us and will lead us to victory in him; be not afraid!
Thanks for the opportunity to reach out to you again this Sunday and be assured of my prayers as I ask for yours. Reach out to one another in love and extend the peace and blessings of Christ to them. Thanks for your generosity to the parish financially, morally and spiritually, they give us hope as we meet our financial demands and strengthen our love for Christ. Blessings!